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Things To Check While Selecting Movers


Shifting a house is indeed is a herculean task, with all the items in the old house transferred to the new location. This mammoth task cannot be completed without the help of professional movers. You can get movers who can give you free moving quotes for certain items as a complimentary thing if you have a lot of items to be moved. Professional movers are there to help you with all these things which can create a headache for you, says www.huffingtonpost.com. However, if you do not select these movers carefully, then you might have to regret later. Here are certain things which you would want to keep on your checklist when you select the movers.

A good professional mover or the moving company will first check the weight of the things you want to move. This will include all heavy items such as drawers, cupboards etc. The weight is the factor that decides about the money you need to pay to the moving company. When they give you the estimate, make sure that you go through each item and reconfirm the same. If the moving company is not asking any questions and prepares an estimate without even looking at what you have got to move, they should not be on your list of movers. Avoid those companies as soon as possible.

The professional moving company does not ask for an advance payment. They always prefer the payment upon the delivery of goods. If they demand a sum as an advance, you better pay it by your credit card, so that you will not fall prey to any fraudulent activities. It is your responsibility to make sure that the company has got valid insurance and license. If they do not have anything, then they might not take care of your goods, you will not be able to sue them. So, do a clear homework before you select the movers. Ask your friends who have recently used the services of a moving company about their performances.

Allow the moving companies to pack the belongings. If the packing is done by you, then you cannot blame the company for not bringing the belongings without any damages. So, let them do the packing, some companies may ask for packing charges, which is reasonable, then you can pay. When the company gives you the contract to sign, read all the writings clearly. Understand each word of it before you sign the contract. Check whether all your belongings are there in the contract.

When you reach your destination, try to check all the boxes to see whether any damages have happened. If so you can use the insurance claim. If you plan to open it later, keep in mind that the validity of an insurance claim is nine months. If you do not check about the insurance before, the loss will be on your part. Within nine months, if you do not register for an insurance claim for the damages caused, then you will not get any refund from the moving company. You can find good moving companies if you keep these things in mind.

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